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  1. Game of Thrones Fans using CBD for "Episode Stress"

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    blog GOT

    Although we haven't seen any episodes yet, we're reliably informed there are some tense and stressful episodes to watch in this final series of Game of Thrones.  And according to Huffpost, avid fans are turning to CBD to help them cope!

    Apparently many fans were unable to sleep after watching the "The Long Night" episode and turned to CBD to calm their racing minds.  Indeed, as the episodes become ever more tense, fans are using CBD to "say goodbye to episode anxiety".

    As big fans ourselves who are saving all the epsidoes to binge watch in one go, it's a good job we have the 8mg beenz on hand to get us through.

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  2. CBD tamed Loose Womens star's Hot Flushes

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    blog menopause

    Andrea McLean, star of ITV daytime show Loose Women, revealsed this month that she used CBD to help (in her words) "cure her Hot flushes and crippling anxiety"

    After a long struggle with Endometriosis, the star underwent a Hysterectomy in 2016 which bought on early menopause.  Her struggle wit Anxiety is something she has shared openly on the show, however she credits CBD with changing her life.  She told The Mirror, "(CBD) has literally made me feel like a different person."

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