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  1. 1 in 7 Teenagers use prescription drugs to get through GCSEs - there is a better way

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    1 in 7 teenagers abuse prescription drugs to get through their GCSEs

    So finds a recently published YouGov study, recently documented in the Telegraph and Daily Mail.  This shocking statistic shows the level of pressures on our young people and it is starting at an earlier and earlier age.  

    So what can be done to help our young people? How can we show them a better way to increase their concentration, improve sleep and reduce their overall anxiety in a safer, more productive way than turning to illegal drugs?

    1. Meditation

    Meditation has been scientifically shown to have amazing benefits for body and mind. A mere 20 minutes a day can help reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

    2. CBD

    There are ever increasing studies showing how CBD can aid restful sleep, reduce anxiety, calm mood and therefore help with concentration.  What better way to get a teenager to take it than in our beautifully formed chocolate beans?

    3. Hypnosis

    There is a lot of anecdotal evidence to suggest Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) can aid learning and memory.  Make sure you find a good Hypnotherapist and give it a go.

    4. Nutrition

    Blueberries have been shown to have amazing brain boost benefits for those struggling with concentration and learning, add them to a banana smoothie for a power packed lunch.  Then add Cherry Active to your diet for a natural sleeping aid.

    5. Rountine

    Lastly, set a routine.  Turn off the tech 2 hours before bedtime and you will sleep better.  Keep stress reduced by singing (the shower, the car), scientifically shown to be very effective at controlling stress.  Go for a walk - it may seem counterintutive when you are up against time constraints to stop and take time to go for a walk, but science has shown if you give your brain a little holiday (even 10 minutes), whilst being outside looking at the colour green, you will concentrate better when you get back to studying.

    Image by Silviarita at Pixabay