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  1. Triathelete swears by CBD for her Lyme Disease

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    Angela Naeth is a Canadian/American triathlete who has won numerous IronMan contests. However, back in 2017 she began experiencing troubling symptoms that eventually led her to be diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

    Her symptoms became so crippling that after a race she couldn't even walk without assistance.  It was suggested to her that she supplement her traditional Lyme Disease treatments with CBD.  The intensive antibiotic regime proved exremely harsh on her body and she used CBD to help reduce both the impact of the drugs and the side-effects of the disease itself.

    On the 17th of May this year, so amazed was she by the effects of CBD she became the first professional athlete to endorse it. She was quickly followed by others.

    She said, "I am 100% behind it. I sleep better, have more energy and am recovering from my workouts so much beter. My anxiety levels have decreased significantly and I generally feel so much better."

    She went on to say, "CBD is a great natural avenue for people suffering Lyme Disease or any inflammatory illness, without having to pump chemicals into their bodies. I would love to get the word out to as many people as I can on how much it helped and continues to help me."

    Story from triathlon magazine

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  2. Can CBD improve your sex life? Seems it can!

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    A recent study by a CBD resources website in the USA surveyed 5,398 Americans, with 502 of these answering questions about CBD and their sex-lives.

    The mixed bunch were 54% men, 46% women and 80% straight, 16% bi-sexual and 3% gay, here is what the survey concluded:

    • 72% of men and 76% of women said they had stronger orgasms
    • 66% overall said they took CBD to alleviate sexual anxiety
    • Men said they lasted 31% longer before orgasm
    • whereras women reported being 33% faster to orgasm
    • 57% said they were "more satisfied" with their relationship overall
    • 26% said they used CBD to alleviate pain and soreness after sex

    This in itself is not a scientific study but research has shown that cannabinoids (CBD) are vasodilators (which means they enhance blood flow and relax muscles) both of which are a great side-effect for enjoying sex.  CBD is also proving it's anti-inflammatory credentials in studies too and as around 33% of women experience painful sex, especially during and post menopause, CBD could prove to be especially beneficial for womens sexual health. 

    One of our Ambassadors already takes cannabeenz chocolate for her severe Endometriosis and swears by it.  We continue to watch the emerging studies.

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