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  1. CBD and Dementia

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    Dementia is caused by damage to brain cells, making it a chronic condition for which there is currently no cure.  Usually drugs are prescribed to help "manage" the condition and lessen symptoms, however these drugs can have serious side effects.

    A study at California's Silk Insitute found that cannabinoids (CBD) can help in removing dementia proteins from brain cells. Another study done in 2015 on mice showing signs of Alzheimers (a cause of dementia) discovered the mice showed improvement in their learning skills after being given CBD.

    It is believed (although not yet proven) that CBD may also act to reduce inflammation in the neural tissues of the brain, which could slow down the progression of dementia. As an anti-oxidant, it is also believed that CBD is reducing oxidative stress which aids in preventing inflammation too.

    In addition, dementia can lead to mood swings, concentration issues and depression and because CBD is believed to trigger serotonin receptors in the brain, it is believed CBD could be helping to reduce these symptoms as well.

    CBD has been found effective in promoting Neurogenesis (the process of growth and development of neurons in the brain), which would prove useful in reducing the deterioration of cognitive functions.

    Overall CBD could prove to be a favourable, holistic method to help dementia sufferers, without the side-effects of presciption drugs the article concluded.

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  2. Festival Goers are turning to CBD to reduce Anxiety

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    1 in 6 Brits and 8% of Americans suffer crippling anxiety and stressful situations can trigger difficult to manage symptoms.

    However, people with anxiety still want to get out there and experience the world, with many choosing to attend events such as music festivals & more and they want to be able to chill out when they get there.

    According to Fresh Toast, many of these people are turning to CBD to help them through potentially stressful situations, enabling them to relax and have fun. Plus, there is some scientific evidence to back it up. 

    In 2011, a research paper published in Neuropsychopharmacology of people taking CBD for Public Speaking showed a "significant improvement in anxiety", and in 2018 a Cannabis and Cannabinoid study found on of the top three reasons for taking CBD regularly was for anxiety reduction.

    More research is being done and we'll bring that to you when it is published but look out for our Ambassadors who could be selling our gorgeous CBD Hot Chocolate at a festival near you.  What better way to chillax and have fun?


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