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Can CBD treat or even prevent Diabetes?

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This was the question Forbes journalist Andre Bourque raised earlier this year. Diabetes is at epic proportions across the western world, with over 100 million US adults now living with the condition and 3.7 million in the UK.  Worldwide is is thought to affect over 8% of the population.

The cost of the disease to the USA ecnomy is estimated at over $327 billion last year and an estimated £14 billion was spent by the NHS in the UK in 2018 trying to treat the disease.

The Forbes investigation found there is a general lack of study as to the impact of CBD and that prevention claims are largely inconclusive.  However, according to The Diabetes Council in the USA the correlation between CBD and the treatment of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes (as well as pre-diabetes) may be in it's anti-inflammatory capabilities.

In addition, research suggests that it may help stabilize blood sugars, preventing nerve inflammation, lowering blood pressure over time, keeping blood vessels open and improving circulation. The Diabetes Council research also found that CBD can "reduce the occurence and delay the onset" of Type 1 diabetes.

Using CBD for Type 2 diabetes, may also "fix" an endocannabinoid imbalance that makes it harder for people to lose weight, an important step in treating Type 2 diabetes. They conclude that CBD may help to reduce insulin resistance, thereby preventing the disease from progressing.

Once again we look forward to further studies.

original story Forbes Magazine

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