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Recipe - CBD Yoghurt Bowl

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This recipe is from one of our Directors, Tina:

"I love this recipe, you can either eat it straight away, OR add oats to it and make it the night before, turning it into delicious overnight oats.

  • Fruit of your choice, cut up and put in the bowl
  • Organic Yoghurt (or Kefir Yoghurt or Skyr)
  • 2 teaspoons of cannabeenz CBD Hot Chocolate Orange flavour

If you are making this as a simple bowl of mixed fruit with Yoghurt, assemble everything into the bowl and simply sprinkle the CBD Orange Hot Chocolate over the top.  To turn this into overnight oats, you will need a clean Jam Jar, layer the fruit, Oats and yoghurt at least twice and then top up the jam jar with your milk (or milk substitute).  Put into the fridge overnight, take out the next morning and empty into a bowl, mixing together before sprinkling the CBD Hot Chocolate Orange over the top.  Simply YUM."

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Photo: Pixabay