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Can CBD get me high?

We use pure CBD (no oil) and almost Zero THC content which cannot get you high.

Can children eat cannabeenz products?

Yes, children are already using CBD based products and can use ours, however as a parent you should always satisfy yourself of the benefits of giving Hemp Extract (CBD) to your child and of course we recommend you check with your doctor first.

What about the quality of your CBD?

A REALLY important question and one you should ask of every CBD product out there.  Our supplier uses EU grown Organic Hemp, it is scientifically tested (each batch has it's own Mass Spectrometry Report for quality and consistency) and very pure, plus we use CBD without a carrier oil (if you use an oil, please check the carrier oil for it's quality).  Our CBD is guaranteed by our supplier to be free from any additives or contaminants and less than 0.01% of THC. You can check the batch reports HERE and HERE (name of our supplier removed for business confidentiality purposes).

How much chocolate do I need to eat each day?

Law dictates that we cannot "prescribe" a dosage for CBD, however for example; if you wanted to consume 15mg a day of CBD, you would only need to eat 3 of our "Original" recipe beenz.  Compare this to some other CBD Chocolate brands where you would need to eat an entire 100g bar every day which is not a healthy amount of chocolate.

Why such a high cocoa content in your chocolate?

So you get all the antioxidant power from the amazing cocoa bean!  And our Captain, Chef and Chocolatier extraordinare Paul Jones wants you to have THE best, highest quality chocolate experience he can deliver to you.  Plus, less sugar and more cocoa is always a winner.

Is your product Vegan?

Our product is vegan friendly

What about Organic, Fairtrade, Eco friendly?

We use Organic Chocolate and Organic CBD.  All our chocolate suppliers exceed fairtrade standards and our packaging is nearly 100% biodegradable or recyclable. We're striving hard for the 100%.

Are your products made in the UK?

Yes, our entire range is handmade in the UK under the watchful eye of our chocolatier Captain ("PJ") Paul Jones "Kirk".

Can CBD prevent/help Cancer?

We are often asked this question, the Cancer Act UK makes it illegal for anyone or any organisation to make any preventative or cure claims for Cancer, please be wary of any such claims made by anyone

What medical conditions can CBD treat/help with?

Another most asked question - it is illegal in the UK for a manufacturer/supplier to make any medicinal claims for any vitamin supplement/food.  There have been many scientific studies conducted on CBD with more ongoing and these are widely available on the web and we invite you to make up your mind about whether or not Hemp Extract CBD is something you wish to use. We may, from time to time, publish testimonials sent to us by customers that may state CBD "helped" in some way with a health issue. In this instance we are merely re-posting a customers personal statement and are making no claims as a company as to the efficacy of CBD.

Can I take/use your products if I am pregnant, breast-feeding, diabetic or on any prescribed medication etc?

You CANNOT use our product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, which is why we make sure this is clearly stated on all of our labeling. In addition you should ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR before using any CBD products if you are on any medication, or indeed before using any vitamin supplement

Can I take your products abroad?

As the legality of CBD across the world is wide ranging, we would strongly suggest you check your destination (and transit points) carefully prior to taking any CBD product out of the UK, or the country in which you bought it.

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